Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2012/13 Rentals Vehicles and Rates

Email: cars@bdlodge.com
PH: 81 (0)90-2055-6074
Rates for large Vans: 10500yen first 24hrs 8400yen each additional 24hrs
Nissan Elgrande 4WD: The "business class" of vehicles
7 passenger, power everything

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Subaru Forester (large 5 seater) Sport/Luxury
4wd 2.0L turbo winter tires, airbags
8400yen for the first 24hours 6300yen for each additional day

Subaru Imprezza (or similar) Economy
4wd, 1.8liter auto, stereo, car starter, power windows, doors, mirror
6700yen for the first 24hrs 5100yen for each additional day (limited numbers!)

Toyota Regius Ace 9-seater commercial style
10500yen for the first 24hours 8400yen for each additional day

Toyota Hiace Super Custom 3.0L turbo Diesel
8-seater 4WD (rack available)

7-seater 4WD

5 Passenger with plenty of storage space
Nissan Safari 4.0l deisel 4WD